Live Stream Productions


Internet streaming today is perceived and needed among digital media or social media platform. We think that we can optimised the trend as our solution is simplify and packed full of interactive features.

Why we’re different: Our live stream production or webcasting solution concentrates on the audience and is mixed by a creative professional, so in essence our video stream looks and feels more like a TV production.

Whenever  you need your own costumised live streaming programme, we can build it to match your branding.

Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible which is why we offer our live streaming services.

How You Do It

Our Service


Multi-camera for better shots, point of view, and different angle. Choices and variant Full-HD cameras that produce visual to spoils the viewers

One Time

Broadcast, recorded, and edited it one time.

TV Quality

TV broadcasting profesional team, equipment and quality.

Interactive Content

Interactive communication content as a unique experiences for viewers. Such as Chit-Chat, Live Vote, etc using live data feed from viewers.


Playback content video that you already edited as a part of program or a commercial video.


We offer professional studio space that supports your live production