We are
Live Streaming Production.

We’re produce live streaming video content. Also we can provide you services for live streaming production to match your event, activation, or branding.

Our solutions is to give you the visual quality with a televison broadcasting standard.

We are
Producing Creative TV Show.

We’re produce our own programme content on live streaming daily basis. Also we’re giving a new amplification for digital or social media based on visual, real-time experience, and viewers engangement.

We are
Facilitating Content Creator

We’re facilitating content creator, and support them to produce better quality and creativity. As our vision is to connect community through creativity and crafting sustainable business.

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Our Service


Multi-camera for better shots, point of view, and different angle.

One Time

Broadcast, recorded, and edited it one time.

TV Quality

TV broadcasting profesional team, equipment and quality.


Playback content video that you already edited as a part of program or a commercial video.

Creative Workflow

Creative content programme workflow.

Graphics broadcasting

Graphics broadcasting TV channel such as corner bug logo, OBB, lower third, etc.